Chris Harris "Self-titled"

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songwriter at the heart...

Sister's Folk Festival
Emerging Artist Stage

The Sisters Folks Festival is an annual festival held in Sisters, Oregon. The festival played a pivotal role in my growth and inspiration for song writing and performance. In this video, I’m playing with my good buddy ? for the …



Chris Harris
is the real deal!

Susan Werner

Red House Recording Artist

In a day where it seems all you hear about is the new indie-alterna-not-quite-rock phenomenon to come down the pipe, it’s a refreshing, nay wonderful, thing to hear something a little off the beaten path….Trust me when you hear his honey tongued singing with that twang caressing each word as it lands, Chris truly brings something a little different from the standard fair in his catchy, mournful, jubilant, sincere folk songs. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks shuffling through various albums sent to me by eager-to-be-heard artists and this one has had me coming back time and time again. We at LiveMusicPDX truly enjoyed this album from beginning to end. 

Jake Carlsen

This guy is blessed with an amazing voice!

Eliza Gilkyson

Red House Recording Artist

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